JAMA cambia la imagen de su página web

Un editorial publicado en la revista JAMA el 14 de mayo de 2012 anuncia el lanzamiento de una nueva plataforma «JAMA network» para la revista JAMA y los «Archives» de especialidades y nos avanza las novedades previstas para lo próximos meses.

«On May 14, the journals not only move to a new platform, the platform will use a new leapfrog technology in ways that could not have been imagined 13 years ago. Using semantic technology, the website links content across the 10 journals of The JAMA Network, using concepts rather than key words, building relationships, and helping readers surface content of interest they otherwise may never have found. A reader seeking one article may find not only a host of other articles on the topic but also related multimedia and CME. Semantic search has been shown to improve searchers’ experience by reducing false-positives in their search results1 ; a reader searching a string of key words can quickly find the overarching concept in a few articles rather than combing through thousands of articles in which 1 or 2 key words appear…

…The new website is another example of our journey into the future, with informative and provocative content that harnesses technology to engage readers, learners, viewers, and listeners. This is just the beginning—The JAMA Network will continue to evolve in the coming months and years, with apps and search that make the interface between what you want to know and what you find even easier to bridge. Accessing stored and bookmarked content on tablets and smartphones will provide content whenever and wherever you need it. Beyond the smartphone-enabled platform available today, a new app will enable readers to save content for reading, research, and keeping up, far from wireless access. Look for The JAMA Network app this summer».

Winker M et al. The JAMA network website. Today’s content of the future of medical publishing. JAMA 2012. doi: 10.1001/jama.2012.5568

Fuente: Bibliogetafe


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