Partnerships for Environmental Public Health: Evaluation Metrics Manual

Partnerships for Environmental Public Health. Evaluation Metrics Manual. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, 2012. NIH Publication No. 12-7825

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“The Partnerships for Environmental Public Health (PEPH) Evaluation Metrics Manual (Manual) provides examples of tangible metrics that PEPH grantees and program staff can use for program planning, implementation and evaluation. The Manual is designed to show grantees how to use a systematic, strategic analysis of program activities, outputs and impacts to identify meaningful metrics that can be used to document program achievements. The Manual also serves to establish a common language around evaluation activities.

In creating this Manual, we hope to make evaluation more accessible to PEPH grantees and others working to address environmental public health issues.

The strategies and metrics described in the Manual are examples that grantees might use to evaluate their programs, but they should not be considered a prescriptive set of actions, rules or measures that must be followed. The Manual is intended to generate discussion and build capacity among grantees to document and demonstrate their achievements in environmental public health.”



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